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This is a proper fitness website, flick through our stuff and see what you can find to help you get the body you want, but if you need gimmicks or don't want to train hard - you're in the wrong place.

Random Wisdom

Get Mental

Develop psychological skills so you can kick your own ass, build habits and excite yourself when the occasion requires.

Practical always beats optimal

Before committing to a programme, ask yourself: Is it practical? Am I confident I can do as I've planned?

Physique improvement is a consequence of actions

The exact response of your body to your actions can be hard to predict. When setting goals, focus on the actions and adjust as necessary.

Be The Whole Package

Value being strong and flexible, this is the foundation of movement health.

Get dates in the diary

Pick a number of important dates through the year and target your training towards them to keep motivated.

The Floor Press is useful improve your bench press lockout, or to train pushing movements if its busy and you can't be bothered to wait for a bench.

No Plyo if you do not know what you are doing

With impact comes a powerful stimulus. Use it right and you'll go faster, use it wrong and you'll probably get hurt.

Have Recovery Workouts

where you just practice, stretch and move a little and you'll be a better athlete.

Beware of YouTube

There's a lot of good stuff on there, but a shed load of rubbish too! (Our stuff is good).

Take a break

When planning long term fat loss, if it suits your psychology, plan a regular break where you can relax a little.

For anyone but beginners, doing the standard Plank is time poorly spent.

Once you can do it easy, you need to make it harder and more complex. A strong midsection takes tough exercises.

Joint Centration = Less Wear and Tear

Good technique keeps your joints in a good position. It means more work, less risk of injury.

Different circumstances call for different tools

Don't get attached to a single style or tool, you never know hen you will need something else.

Time Wins You Nothing without doing smart work

It's not how long you've been lifting, it's how well.


it will help you develop yours.


On squats and lunges If you want to keep pressure off your knees.


IF YOU DON'T BREATH WITH YOUR DIAPHRAGM ....your neck will knacker itself out. Conscious practice will help.


Test. Re-hypothesise. Test again. repeat. The experimental mindset should be the heart of proper fitness endeavours.

Your body is your gym.

When starting fitness, learn a number of bodyweight exercises immediately so that you can train anywhere. Consistency matters.


Your muscles want materials. Favourable calorie partitioning is likely.

Lift with your eyes shut sometimes but your brain on.

It can enhance your concentration and help you feel the magic happening.

Count calories

...if you're failing to just eat the right stuff or if you are eating the right stuff and are ready/need to fine tune.

Do not count calories

..At first, just eat the right stuff.

If you hate an exercise but want/need to master it:

Do it more often, do less reps, avoid fatigue and practice until it becomes automatic, then gradually build intensity.

Single or Double Leg Training?

Usually both. Single leg training is great for reducing the demands on the torso/back, Bilateral is great for lifting more total weight.

Triple Extension

Is when the ankle, knee and hip joints all extend - this is what happens when you jump. This phrase may well pop up many times if you read much fitness.

You do not have to load everything

Strength is one of the most important qualities in fitness. But all exercises are designed for lifting maximum weights. Sometimes movement practice with bodyweight is enough.

Any exercise can be dangerous

Don't write off exercises, just make sure you know if you can perform them correctly or if you have to spend more time learning, practicing or getting your body fixed.

Not everything works for everybody

Evaluate everything in your workout carefully so that you aren't risking pain, wasting energy or hating life.

Train to Resist Movement

Sometimes you need to be good at moving, sometimes you simply need to be strong and at not moving.


There are two heads to the muscle. Each perform slightly different functions. It's boring, but it's part of my life.

Watch Athletes Move & Train

The more you see good technique, the better chance you have of copying.

The Theo Walcott Tip

There's no point being fast if you don't know what to do when you get there, be an athlete but learn your sport too!

Frequency for Mastery

Every time you try to learn a new exercise, be it complicated or simple, remember to train it frequently until you have the skill perfected.

Aim for 20 Chin Ups

Make it a long term goal to hit 20 neat chin ups. Not many can do this neatly, but it's a simple goal to focus on that for most will cause huge physique improvement.


Whatever It Takes

Whatever It Takes

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Advice for Money

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Tip Of The Day

Avoid Torture - Get Results

Want fat loss? Focus in lifting weights to maintain muscle and increase strength. Hammering yourself in a futile attempt to burn off calories is unnecessary and it will increase the perceived hunger and challenge of sticking to your eating plan (or not eating plan). Eat for fat loss, train for strength.


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Spot The Difference - Dumbbell Stiff Leg Deadlift

Spot The Difference - Dumbbell Stiff Leg Deadlift

Can you spot the difference between good form and ugly form?

Pendlay Row - very quick look

Pendlay Row - very quick look

Its fast, but its worth it.

Romanian Deadlift - Quick Look

Romanian Deadlift - Quick Look

A quick look at Romanian Deadlifts.

Figure 8 to hold

Figure 8 to hold

Figure 8 to hold

Bench Row - Wide

Bench Row - Wide

A quick look at the Wide Bench Row

Elevated Hand Press Ups - Quick Look

Elevated Hand Press Ups - Quick Look

A quick look at elevated hand press ups.

Power Swing - Quick Look

Power Swing - Quick Look

A quick look at Power Swings.

Hanging Leg Twist

Hanging Leg Twist

A quick look at the Hanging Leg Twist

Standing Med Ball Slams

Standing Med Ball Slams

A quick look at some standing Med Ball Slams

Half Plank Half Pushup.. thing.

Half Plank Half Pushup.. thing.

Don't do any without your joints organised correctly. It wont do you any good.

Spot The Difference - Dumbbell Farmers Walk

Spot The Difference - Dumbbell Farmers Walk

Can you spot the difference? Hopefully, it's bloody obvious.

Flat Dumbbell Press

Flat Dumbbell Press

A look at the Flat Dumbbell Press with Peter Chown